Sarah Connor: Brothers of Nablus

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Yeah, I know, I’m VERY late posting about this past week’s show. I’ll keep it brief …

The episode opens strong, with something you kind of think will end up being a dream, but isn’t, when Agent Ellison is about to be killed by a Terminator version of himself, and Cromartie saves him, saying something like, “Skynet doesn’t believe in you like I do … you’ll lead me to the Connors.” Which, you know, is kind of interesting. Since when do Terminators (other than Cameron of course) pick and choose when to follow Skynet orders? Anyway, before this, the T-Ellison has already killed somebody, and Ellison gets arrested for it, but a morphed Catherine Weaver gets him out of it.

Meanwhile, somebody breaks into the Connors’ house when John’s girlfriend Riley leaves the alarm off. And by the way, could Riley BE more annoying? John tells her, “Make sure you turn the alarm back on when you leave the house,” and she’s all, “Whatever. Leaving now.” Then John tells her, “I’m not answering the phone,” and she’s all, “You’re an idiot, I’m answering it, even though it’s not my house.” Then John tells her, “The man at the door is dangerous, we have to run!” and she’s all, “Shyeah right, screw you, I’m totally answering the door.” And at the end of it all, she’s calling herself a “ninja” and he’s agreeing with her. Teenage hormones … even mankind’s savior isn’t immune.

Anyway, so Sarah, Cameron, and Derek spend the episode cleaning things up. By following the diamonds that were stolen — along with IDs that could lead Skynet to them — they’re able to track down the gang of doofuses who stole them. Following the example set by the brothers of Dinah (who was from Nablus?), Cameron shoots the whole gang in cold blood except for a young girl, who Sarah leaves behind in an act of mercy. She probably shouldn’t have, though, because once Cromartie is finished using the annoying blonde from the halfway house and throwing her out of the car (which was awesome), he finds the young girl and smiles creepily at her … and that can’t end well.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Connor: Brothers of Nablus

  1. Jill a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird

    “Cameron shoots the whole gang in cold blood except for a young girl” Umm, wasn’t that a boy with long hair or am I crazy?

    Totally thought the T-Ellison was a dream too but it got me thinking. Why has Skynet never made a Terminator that looks like John?

  2. GeekBoy

    You know, I felt bad for a minute for mistaking that actor (Ronnie Connell) for a girl. But then I went to IMDB to confirm that it was actually a guy, and found these head shots …

    That’s one seriously ambiguous dude right there. Seems like he could get away with being an either an effeminate guy or a tomboyish girl. Clearly, I thought it was the latter.

    And my guess is that if this series gets more time to play itself out, we’ll see a John Connor Terminator before long. They’re probably saving it for a rainy day. It would make for an interesting way to deceive the viewers into thinking that John Connor’s dead when he really isn’t.

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