Angel: After the Fall, Issue #2

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“I didn’t rise from prisoner to prisoner with benefits to protector back to prisoner with benefits to Lord, just to have you come and muck it up.” – Spike to Angel

In issue #2 of “Angel: After the Fall”, Angel has to deal with the consequences of having just killed the son of Demon Lord Burge at the tail end of the first issue. Namely, he has to find his son, and warn him that the demon’s father might come gunning for him. What he finds is that Connor is more than capable of taking care of himself, as they both deal with the violent power vacuum created by Vampire Gunn’s killing of a demon lord (also in the first issue) — demons falling all over each other to vie for the top spot, putting humans at risk in the process.

As for Gunn, he seems to have a revenge bone to pick with his former employer. He’s holding it against Angel for leaving him on his own at the Big Showdown, which resulted in him being dragged off by vampires and turned into one. Yet he seems to think that even as a vampire without a soul, he is more of a Good Guy than Angel who has one, and has some plan we don’t know about yet to take all the demons down. In the meantime, he takes out his frustrations on Betta George — a giant floating telepathic fish (a character introduced in Lynch’s “Spike: Asylum” series).

With Electric Gwen’s help, Angel visits the site of the demon lord killing, and after glancing at some writing on the wall, decides he knows who did the deed. He pays a visit to the Demon Lord of Beverly Hills, who is none other than Spike, pool-side, surrounded by a bevy of busty bikini-clad women who seem to hang on his every word. As you would expect, the two Buffy exes duke it out. And as you might also expect, Angel kicks Spike’s ass … right up until the moment that Super Blue Illyria (formerly Fred) shows up to defend Spike, referring to him as her “pet”.

Just another day in Hell.