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Yesterday's Future Tech That Never Was

My latest web discovery is Modern Mechanix — a blog that specializes in posting articles and advertisements from decades ago that showcase all sorts of cool and weird glimpses at the current day, as well as a range of both wildly inaccurate and uncannily prescient guesses about the future.  I can never get enough of chuckling over the kind of technology that people half a century ago believed we would have by now.  With that in mind, here are few of my favorites …

You’ll Own “Slaves” by 1965 (written January 1957)

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Computers Are Assholes

I’m running behind on my W.Y.O.S.T profile this week, but ran across a hilarious”Internet List” this morning, and decided to share it.

Topless Robot has compiled a list of “The 7 Biggest Asshole Computers in Science Fiction“. Conspicuously absent from the list are Autopilot from the recent WALL-E movie and “The Architect” from the last two Matrix movies. Can you think of any others they missed?