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There are two kinds of people — those who love Unbreakable … and everybody else.  I’m referring, of course, to M. Night Shyamalan’s second movie.  The one that largely got panned for not having a twist ending as cool as his first movie.  Which, don’t get me wrong, I really liked The Sixth Sense.  I saw it twice — once to be shocked by the ending, then a second time to go back and figure out how I hadn’t seen it coming.  But Unbreakable I’ve probably watched a dozen times now, and every time I get to the end, I say the same thing: “I really wish M. Night would make the sequel already.”

Turns out my wish may come true!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the movie was always intended to be the first in a trilogy.  This means that if he does make a sequel, it will be something he’s already put thought into, something that the first movie was intended to mesh with, and not just an add-on for the sake of itself.

I also liked Samuel L. Jackson’s take on Unbreakable’s initial lukewarm reviews:  “[M. Night] was a victim of what Quentin [Tarrantino] was a victim of.  Jackie Brown is a great movie, but it’s not Pulp Fiction 2. Unbreakable is a great movie, but it’s not ‘I see f**king dead people.’”

As for whether this will really happen … who knows.  I’m just glad it’s a possibility, because this is one of my favorite movies of all time.  As for whether it should happen, I’m with the guy who wrote that article, who had this to say to M. Night:  “What’s the worst that could happen? It would suck? You’ve already proven time and time again that making sucky movies doesn’t stop you so I say go for it. You may win back some of the fans you’ve lost along the years.”

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7 thoughts on “Unbreakable 2?

  1. Tara

    You know, I remember being really disappointed with Unbreakable when I saw it at the movie theater years and years ago. Probably, as Samuel L. Jackson said, because of the Quentin-syndrome.

    However, I’ve often wondered whether a second-viewing would redeem it, whether I would be able to appreciate it as its own entity, instead of loading it up with unrealistic expectations. The same goes for Signs and Stargate, 2 films that were really hyped up in my mind and completely let me down at the theater.

    Hmmm, I sense some DVD rentals in the near future…

    btw: I hope you don’t mind my ramblings on your blog. I wouldn’t call myself a science-fiction junkie, but I’m a definite fan, and I really enjoy being able to read other people’s thoughts about these topics!

  2. GeekBoy

    All comments are appreciated! Even if you go watch “Unbreakable”, and find that you hate it. 🙂

    “Signs” is a movie I really wanted to like, but walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. I think M. Night actually does a great job of building characters and setting up a premise in all of his movies, then relies a little too much on “the twist”. In the case of “Signs”, I just couldn’t get around the whole idea that an alien species was advanced enough to travel to another planet, but not advanced enough to know water would kill them … and that the planet they were invading was mostly covered in it. There were a hundred better ways to end the movie than that, and it was a shame, because other than that, I really liked it.

    In “Unbreakable” there’s also a kind of a twist ending, but when I saw it, I thought of it less as a twist and more as the opening to a second movie. It’s a classic comic book technique — have the last panel on the last page reveal something that entices you into the next issue. So I’m glad to hear that’s what he had originally intended. But even beyond this, I just plain liked the progression of the movie. It’s ultimately a movie about a superhero before he’s a superhero — like a more broody version of the TV show “Smallville”.

    “Stargate” (the movie) I remember liking at the time, but not loving. But I ended up loving the TV show that was spun off of it. So I really need to go back and watch that one again.

  3. Jill a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird

    This makes me so excited! I say go for it! I love Unbreakable (and Bruce Willis) and my bf always contends that Unbreakable is “one of the best superhero movies ever made.”

    Signs still remains my favorite from M. Night though. It’s not so much the aliens that do it for me as the chance versus signs thing which is something I find myself thinking about often.

  4. GeekBoy

    I have to agree with your boyfriend’s assessment.

    And there definitely is a lot to like about Signs … which is why it’s too bad he was so sloppy with the sci-fi details.

  5. DMH

    That is cool news. Of all the M. Night movies I thought the one that deserved a better wrap it was Unbreakable. I liked it because it wasn’t strictly a normal boring hero movie, it was the setup for a great and interesting hero villain relationship.

    Also Bruce and Samuel L put in performances a little subtler than normal for them. I’ll have my fingers crossed that any sequels don’t over do it.

  6. GeekBoy

    I hear you about the subtlety. That’s definitely key.

    Like if they put Bruce Willis in spandex? Then M. Night is officially dead to me.

  7. stephen

    I love Signs and I super love Unbreakable. They stand up to more repeat viewing than the sixth sense in my opinion. I’d also love to see Unbreakable 2 and I wonder how dark he’d make it since that’s what seems to be in now adays after the dark knight. I just wonder would unbreakable take place like 8-10 years after the first film or pick up right where the first left off and i think you’d have to kill Joseph his son if it takes place directly after the first film. the opening to unbreakable 2 being mr. glass being released from prison early for good behavior and start investigating how david has been using his abilities. maybe david could face a new villain who is as super as him the sky is really the limit for this film.

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