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Syfy: A Network By Any Other Name …

… would still not show enough actual science fiction programming.

And now we know once and for all that this is intentional.  The Sci Fi Channel, which renamed itself simply “Sci Fi” a few years ago, has presumably plunked down some big money on a branding audit and decided to call itself (drum roll please) … Syfy.  Yes, you read that right.  Syfy.  Which I’ll assume is pronounced the same as “Sci Fi” and not “Siffee”.  Although how exactly somebody will know that when the brand name is out of context, I’m not sure.  It’s just one of the many puzzling aspects surrounding this major rebranding effort, which will launch on July 7th, in tandem with the launch of their new series “Warehouse 13” which I think my friend Jeremy is doing the storyboards for.  So I’ll be watching, even though I suspect this rebrand will result in SciFi/Syfy showing even less actual science fiction than it already does.  “Imagine” that!