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I’ve known about My Name is Bruce for more than a year now, but refused to post about it until I could get my hands on a trailer that wasn’t fuzzy and the size of a postage stamp. Now that the movie’s actually been released (in a very limited capacity), the trailer has improved …

Basically, it’s Three Amigos meets Bruce Campbell, and early reviews seem to indicate that if you’re a BC fan, you’ll like it — but if not, you may find it stupid. I probably won’t end up seeing this until it’s out on DVD (in February), but if you do before then, let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “My Name is Bruce – Movie Trailer

  1. melissa

    I’ve heard a few things about this movie..mainly that it’s pretty disappointing and attempts to grab a hold of every bc fan out there…I personally cannot wait to see it, and since I live in a lame town (but apparently not lame enough for the Bruce man to make an appearance at our sci/fi con this year! and yes i met him!!) it’s not actually showing here. So I have to wait until the dvd release as well…I’ll definitely see it though!

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