BSG – A Disquiet Follows My Soul

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This week on Battlestar Galactica, for better or worse, there is no talk at all of Earth or the Fifth Cylon. Which I’m guessing will piss some people off. But on the plus(?) side, Adama and Roslin DO shag, after Roslin rejects more chemo in favor of living what’s left of her life to the fullest. That’s right. Two old tore up people — one by alcohol, the other by cancer — doin the nasty. Try to get THAT visual out of your head. Fortunately, we only see them post-coitus. And is it just me, or did anybody else flash back to the bald chick from the first Star Trek movie there at the end?

Anyway, although Tyrol and Callie also presumably shagged at some point, it apparently wasn’t soon enough in their relationship to have made Tyrol their baby’s baby daddy. That honor goes instead to “that guy” we always see hanging around the hangar deck, whom a drunken and disillusioned Tyrol beats the frak out of and puts in charge of watching his sick not-kid. Which now officially makes Hera the only Human-Cylon hybrid on the show … that we KNOW of.

And in political news, Adama is pissing off much of the fleet — civilians and soldiers alike — by fortifying the alliance with the rebel Cylons and attempting to install Cylon FTLs on all ships. Tom Zarek & the Quorum (whose next gig will be at the Marriott off exit 40 in Parsippany next Friday) are fomenting anti-Cylon dissent from the top down, and one-legged Felix Gaeta (with Zarek’s guidance) is holding secret meetings and riling folks up from the inside out. And my guess is that it’s all going to get very ugly, very fast. Mutiny, anyone?

2 thoughts on “BSG – A Disquiet Follows My Soul

  1. Jill a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird

    Yeah, Callie’s baby-dady is a guy named Hot Dog. Did you know that actor is Edward James Olmos’ son, Bodie?

    This episode was ok, but I noticed a few very bizarre lines. One, that I thought was great but very strangely written was Roslin saying, “Blah, blah, blah….frakkin’ blah, blah.” The other was from Adama, “You know, there are days that I really hate this job.” It felt like that could have been a line on a comedy rather than Battlestar.

    Have you watched the latest batch of webisodes focusing on Gaeta?

  2. GeekBoy

    Yeah, that “blah blah blah” line sounded forced to me too. And Adama’s line reminded me of Dante’s “I’m not even supposed to BE here today” line from Clerks for some reason. Or Murtaugh’s “I’m gettin too old for this shit” in Lethal Weapon.

    I haven’t watched the webisodes yet. I keep meaning to. Too busy!

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