BSG – A Measure of Salvation

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Bold dramatic moves on Battlestar Galactica this week. Galactica boards the infected Cylon base star and learn about the virus. Once they determine that it can’t hurt them — Boomerthena included — Apollo immediately jumps to the harsh idea of using the virus as a genocidal weapon. When did he get so cutthroat? This is an idea I would have expected from Starbuck or Tigh, not him. Does Apollo maybe hold the Cylons responsible for his weight gain during the occupation?

Anyway, true to increasingly cold-hearted form, Roslin loves the plan. And despite Helo’s and Adama’s protests about the morality of wiping out an entire race — machine or no — Roslin decides to move ahead with the it. Interestingly, Boomerthena doesn’t protest, citing the fact that Cylons are designed to be loyal to their team — in this case, the Galactica team. (And I can’t help but wonder how this “loyalty” characteristic will play out over on the Cylon team.) Her boyfriend Helo, however, is not so loyal to Galactica as he is to the human race, and in the end kiboshes the whole plan by effectively euthenizing the Cylons before they can be used as a weapon.

Over at the Cylon camp, S&M takes on a whole new meaning, as the Six in Baltar’s head uses sex as a way to keep him from focusing on the pain being doled out by Cylon D’Anna in the real world … with some rather disturbing results that will probably have me in therapy for years to come. Meanwhile, is it just me, or did D’Anna’s facial expression at the moment of climax indicate that she believed Baltar was pledging his love to HER … and that she kind of liked it? Because if so, that could certainly make things interesting in the weeks to come.

Cylon Chick Slap Fight anybody?