BSG – Torn

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In this week’s Battlestar Galactica, it’s clear that the writers are still doing the math along with us regarding the 12 cylon models. We don’t actually get an answer about the 5 remaining models, because Six gets interrupted just as she and Baltar begin talking about it. But the fact that the point was raised at all is promising. And I trust the answer must be interesting, based on Six’s pained expression and the fact that she didn’t seem to want to talk about it.

As for the rest of the episode, I’ll keep it short, because I’m posting late this week …

Galactica Boomer is now “Athena”. After a confrontation with father-figure Adama, Starbuck has pulled her head out of her ass, while at the same time, Tigh just digs his in further. Apollo has finally lost his “Hiatus 30”. Baltar seems to have an ability to “project” that is eerily similar to something the human Cylons do — which leads us to believe that perhaps Baltar is a Cylon … although probably not … and yet it’s clear that there must be some connection. We learn that Cylon base stars seem to use something called a “Hybrid” — a woman in a bathtub — as the supercomputer for the ship. It’s just another in the line of creepy biotechnology that has resulted in the living Raiders and the human Cylons, I suppose. Anyway, all of them are subject to the virus that’s discovered in the “lion head” nebula, which seems to have been created by the Thirteenth Colony on their way to Earth. It is so deadly that the Cylons are forced to abandon one of their base stars, and at the end of the cliffhanger episode, Boomer … er, Athena … is exposed to the virus, and begins talking gibberish.