Heroes: Seven Minutes to Midnight

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This week on Heroes, Hiro falls in love with a waitress, Photographic Memory Girl. They flirt and bond like crazy, and in the end, he has to go back in time to prevent Sylar from making her a pop-top. So then where are they now? And why did they leave Ando behind?

Meanwhile, over at the paper company, Eden & Isaac seem to have a lot in common — drug addiction. Is there anybody on this show who isn’t effed up in some way? She also seems to have a power. I’m guessing she’s something like Jedi Mind Trick Girl? Anyway, Claire’s father convinces her to “convince” Isaac to start shooting up smack again, so he can find out what’s going to happen to Claire Bear and prevent it. Which proves his love for Claire … but makes him a bit shady.

Matt & Radioactive Bearded Guy find that they also have something in common — two days missing and hash mark tattoos on their necks. So what exactly is the purpose behind Claire’s father’s “catch and release” program and those hash marks? Is he just examining them, or is he boosting their powers somehow? And do we agree that RBG will probably be the one to almost blow up New York City (before the heroes stop him of course)?

And who is this kid that Mohinder keeps dreaming about? Is it himself? Are his vivid power naps his way of manifesting some kind of latent power? And how is the ex who offered him a job tied into everything? Seems hard to believe it’s a coincidence that she works for some kind of genetics lab.

By the way, as I was confirming the title of this episode, I accidentally ran across a small spoiler, which some of you might appreciate. It’s the title of the episode that will run in two weeks, after next week’s “Homecoming” episode. Click to find out.