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I enjoyed this week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica … even though I’m not entirely sure what happened. Or more precisely, I know what things happened, but not really why they happened.

So the Cylons deliberately let Bulldog escape … but why? Hoping he would kill Adama? To draw attention to the fact that it was the Fleet who precipitated the Cylon “9/11” attack, and that Adama was part of that? Or to just plain frak with the heads of the humans? After all, I doubt Bulldog was much use to them any more.

D’Anna is the one who let Bulldog escape. Is this relevant? Is it tied into whatever trip she’s on lately — the whole letting a Centurion shoot her in the head thing? Is this her equivalent of “flatlining” — experiencing some kind of transcendental state between death and rebirth? And who is the white glowy person she seemed about ready to kiss when she was in that state? Was it maybe the Cylon’s “God”?

Needless to say, I loved the moment when we found out that the Admiralty had advance intelligence about the Cylon “9/11” attack. With these writers, I guess we should have seen that one coming. I’m not buying, though, that either Adama or the Admiralty “caused” the Cylons to come out of hiding … although the Cylons have done a great job of planting that seed of doubt in Adama’s head. I’m guessing we find out later that it’s all a lie — that just as the Cylons used Six to manipulate Baltar’s worst tendencies back on Caprica, they were manipulating the worst tendencies of other humans as well.

Adama asking Tigh at the very end, appropo of nothing, “What happened to Ellen?” was another poignant moment. We don’t get to see the conversation, but I imagine it goes something like this: “Saul, I had to shoot down one of my pilots to protect a mission.” “Oh yeah? I had to poison my wife to protect the Resistance.” (long pause) “Seriously?” “Yup.” “Damn. We suck.” “Yup.” “You want a drink?” “Is the frakkin pope Catholic?” (long pause) “Who’s the pope? And what’s Catholic mean?” “Never mind, Old Man. Just give me a drink before my empty eye socket dries up.”