BSG – Rapture

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As Battlestar Galactica returns from hiatus, we’re treated to a few shocking plotlines that even the writers of Melrose Place would have to applaud …

On the planet, Apollo’s wife saves his mistress’s life, while the husband of his mistress helps him defend the Temple of the Five. Meanwhile, up on Galactica, Helo’s wife begs him to kill her (sort of), and he does. It’s a bold move, but ends up being just crazy enough to work. Athena is reborn on the Cylon ship, and with Six’s help, escapes with a constipated Hera back to Galactica.

Down in the Temple of Five, with the supernova imminent, D’Anna goes into some kind of fugue state and sees the faces of the Final Five … and recognizes one of them. She says something like, “I had no idea.” Which leads me to believe it must be somebody she’s met, but who she dismissed as being insignificant. With this in mind, here are my Top 5 picks, in order …

1. Oracle Selloi
2. Doc Cottle
3. Felix Gaeta
4. Jammer
5. Saul Tigh

Sadly, the other Cylons are not happy with D’Anna’s growing Messiah complex. So much so that after she dies on the planet (presumably from rapture), and is reborn, Cavil informs her that her model is fundamentally flawed and has therefore been discontinued. Or as he puts it, “You’ve been boxed.” So I suppose the next time we see Lucy Lawless, it will be whenever Baltar finds a way to unbox her.

But that may not be any time soon, because Baltar has been captured, and carried back to the Galactica in a body bag. Still alive … but in a body bag. (Funny.) If he’s really unlucky, maybe they’ll put him in a cell next to Six. Because I’m sure she’s still stinging about being rejected for D’Anna, and won’t let him forget about it any time soon.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the Eye of Jupiter is actually the supernova that destroys the planet at the end of the episode. Which prompts the Fleet to look for other historical supernovas in the area. Which is the next breadcrumb in the trail leading them to Earth. Or something like that. And somehow Starbuck is connected to all this, because many years before, she painted the same supernova symbol that was found in the temple.

So … yeah. Lots of info in one hour. Did I miss anything?