Heroes: Godsend

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Two weeks of show time have passed since the last episode of Heroes. During that time, Peter has been in a coma, Niki’s been in jail, Matt has been staking out Primatech Paper in search of Sylar, the radioactive guy has been practicing his powers, Claire has been pretending to not have a memory, and Hiro has been looking for the sword that will help him regain full use of his powers.

Some of the heroes are really starting to work together now, and seem to be recognizing that their fates are intertwined. Even Nathan the skeptic has let himself be pulled into the mystery, and his scenes with Hiro continue to be priceless. (“Flying Man!” “Billan!”) The heroes also seem to recognize that faith in each other is critical — which is perhaps why Isaac, Simone, Nathan, Hiro, and Ando all take off together for Vegas, to track down Hiro’s sword, which is in the oft-mentioned Linderman’s possession.

Meanwhile, Claire is having a hard time processing everything that’s happened lately — all the moreso because she has nobody to share it with. The Haitian is a less-than-engaging confidante, and he’s made it clear that he’s unable to reverse the wiping of Zach’s memories. So she sets out to recreate the magic of her deleted friendship with Zach by going back to where it all began in that first episode — making him videotape her jumping off that catwalk … without the cheerleader outfit this time.

Unaware of Claire’s actions, her father easily foils Matt’s attempt to raid Primatech. Then he has a meeting with Mohinder, who has just recently learned about Eden’s death. Bennett tries to recruit him — along with Papa Suresh’s master list — but Mohinder isn’t biting. So Bennett goes back to “the paper company” and checks in on Sylar, who at this point is either in a vegitative state or is trying really hard to absorb the powers of a cockroach.

As for Niki, I was intrigued to see how fluidly she now seems to be moving back and forth from Niki to Jessica. And by the fact that she was able to use her super-strength (to break the nightstick) as Niki, and not as Jessica. I’ve always suspected that she’ll eventually be able to integrate her “Bruce Banner” and “Hulk” sides, and this seems to indicate that she will.

And then there’s the matter of the invisible man that Peter meets (best known to some of us last season’s Doctor Who). Peter has seen him in visions of his apocalyptic moment, and knows that he can help him in some way. But how exactly? I guess we’ll find out next week.