BSG – The Eye of Jupiter

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This week’s Battlestar Galactica was kind of broody, no? It seemed like all of the plotlines involved frustrating no-win scenarios. Apollo won’t sleep with Starbuck any more unless she gets a divorce, and Starbuck is too “devout” to get a divorce. Tyrol is stuck spiritually somewhere between religious cynicism and the zealous devoutness of his father. Sharon is trying hard to remain loyal to the Fleet, but finding out that Roslin hid her baby from her is making that hard to do. After falling in love with Baltar, Caprica Six is being pushed away from him by D’Anna’s spiritual quest to see the faces of the Final Five. Baltar learns that even with the Cylons, he’s not safe, and that Cavil will happily use him as a bargaining chip. And Adama and the Cylons find themselves in a showdown that could involve destroying the very thing that both of them want so badly — the mysterious “Eye of Jupiter,” which points the way to Earth.

Oh, and the planet’s sun is about to go supernova any minute now. So you know — no pressure or anything.

So, with all the “coincidences” going on here, what are the odds that the “Temple of Five” has some relation to “The Final Five”? Any chance that there’s a human Cylon model tucked inside each one of those five columns? I have no idea how exactly that would be the case, but it’s hard to ignore the prevalence of the number five in this episode, when twelve usually seems to be the magic number on this show.

As for cliffhanger issues … Is Starbuck dead? Probably not. Will Adama really blow up the temple with nukes? Probably not. Will either Apollo & Sam or Starbuck & Dualla end up getting into a jealous bitch fight with each other at some point in the near future? Probably. Will the guy who plays the drums during the tense cliffhanger scenes ask for a raise during the hiatus? Most definitely. Rumor has it that Mark Burnett has made an offer to have him play the drums over on Survivor.