Heroes: The Fix

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In this episode of Heroes

Hiro is still looking for his sword, and in the process, he and Ando get kidnapped by some men in a van, who it turns out work for Hiro’s father, George Takei (“Oh MY!”). Of course, the fact that the NBC marketing department already revealed this casting weeks ago took all the steam and surprise out of this particular plotline for me. I wonder when the networks will figure out that people who watch TV shows actually LIKE surprises?

Claire is still looking for her real parents, and after some research, finds her mother, who — according to Mr. Bennet — was supposed to be dead. And who seems to have the power to create and control fire. My guess is that she unwittingly started the fire that “killed” her at a time when she didn’t have much control over her power, and that her ability to start fire also protected her from it. As for Claire … well, we’ve already seen her survive one fire.

Peter is looking for the invisible man, and finds him … then loses him. But when Nathan teams up with Isaac to stage an intervention for Peter, he manages to escape with the help of that same invisible man, who is presumably now going to help him learn how to control his powers, a la Obi Wan Kenobi.

D.L. is looking for a way to break Niki out of the looney bin, so she can help raise Micah. But Niki is looking for a way to integrate her split personality, and tells D.L. to step up, be a father, and learn to set boundaries for their son. Who is at that moment busy stealing money from every ATM machine in town. Oops!

In other news, Matt gets suspended from the force for six months, his wife is pregnant (but whose kid is it?), and over at the paper factory, Sylar escapes from captivity by playing dead. Oops!!!

Tune in next week to see what Hiro’s dad is so pissed about, find out who Claire’s father is, and to see if Sylar will slice off the top of her head before she gets a chance to find out herself.

Any thoughts on what this week’s title referred to?