Heroes: I Am Become Death

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This week, on Heroes

FULL RECAP AHEAD (don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet) …

Tracy-Not-Niki learns that she is one of three identical triplets (Tracy, Niki, and Barbara) who were separated at birth and given powers at a young age through DNA manipulation, and this distresses her so much that she tries to kill herself by jumping off a bridge, but Flying Nathan swoops in and saves her, they make out, and four years later, they go on to become the President and First Lady, with a little encouragement from the Linderman in Nathan’s head.

Future Peter takes Scarless Peter four years into the future, where/when many people have superpowers (thanks either to the formula that Hiro and Ando are hunting down or maybe Mohinder’s formula), and where/when Peter’s voice has apparently annoyed everybody so much that they (Claire, Daphne, and one of the Level Five escapees from last week) want to kill him, and try to, but Scarless Peter escapes and finds Sylar, who is living a happy life as a father now, and who teaches Peter his power so that Peter will be able to understand all the ramifications of any changes he might consider making to the timeline, but warns Peter that this will also mean inheriting his “hunger” for hero brains.

Claire and crew track Peter to Sylar’s house (formerly the Bennett house), get sloppy in the process of trying to kill Peter, accidentally kill Sylar’s son instead — who interestingly is named Noah, after HRG — and as a result, Sylar loses control, goes nuclear, and blows up the entire city of Costa Verde, killing 200,000 people.

Following the explosion, Darth Claire captures Scarless Peter, and is all, “I have you now, Uncle Jumpypants!” and Peter is all, “(grunt),” and the Haitian is all, “(menacing glare),” and Claire is all, “Let me show you some cutting techniques I learned back when I was a teenager and used to loathe myself, unlike now, when I love myself and know that MY FINGERS ARE NOT SHORT AND PUDGY and even if they are, that’s okay, because my Daddy With The Glasses always told me I was beautiful and I BELIEVE HIM!” and the Haitian is all, “Erm,” and Peter is all, “There’s a place for us … somewhere a place for us …” and Claire is all, “(cut cut cut),” and President Nathan walks in and makes her stop, and Claire’s all, “I hate you! I hate ALL of you!!!” and leaves the room, and Peter does Nathan a favor by cutting his head open before jumping back to the present day to visit Sylar in Level Five, who’s all, “Welcome to the Nom Nom Club, Brother!”

MohinderFly gets more aggressive but no more interesting and Maya is inexplicably talking/acting as if she’s a Nuyorican, while Matt Parkman looks into the future, sees himself making babies with Daphne the Speedster, then sees her die in the Costa Verde disaster (and by the way, turns out that was NOT a print shirt she was wearing in that painting), while Hiro and Ando try to escape from Level Two, FAIL, and Mama Petrelli tells Hiro how he can redeem himself — by digging not-dead Adam from his grave, which he does … and let’s just say, Adam is NOT happy.

8 thoughts on “Heroes: I Am Become Death

  1. Tara

    I love your recaps… too funny. I especially liked the “West Side Story” reference. Very smooth.

    Couple thoughts:

    Who is baby Noah’s mom, I wonder?

    Anyone else starting to get annoyed with Maya always walking around half-naked? I mean, seriously, did you SEE that dress?

    Gonna watch Eleventh Hour tonight?

  2. GeekBoy

    I did wonder about who Sylar knocked up to have that kid, but they definitely didn’t give us any clues about it, did they? There aren’t actually all that many known female characters to work with. Can’t be Claire, because that’s his niece. Can’t be Maya, because I’m thinking the kid wouldn’t look nearly so “white” if it was. Can’t be Tracy-Not-Niki, because she’s been a politician’s wife all this time, and a pregnancy-by-brother would have been noticeable. And can’t be Daphne, because she’s been with Matt. So my guess is it’s somebody new that we don’t know about?

    As a guy, it would be disingenuous for me to say that a half-naked woman on my TV screen ever really annoys me … but yes, I have to admit, her wardrobe is kind of overtly sparse. You’d think that coming from a tropical climate, she’d actually be a bit chilly in New York.

    I do not plan to watch Eleventh Hour. I’ve seen the commercials, read the articles, and for some reason, it’s just not catching my fancy. Same with Fringe … I saw the first episode, and just haven’t been excited enough about it to watch it since then. And nobody’s really saying to me, “Dude, you HAVE to watch this show — it’s AWESOME!” Let me know what you think of Eleventh Hour, though, and if it’s worth my time.

  3. Tara

    What about schizo-electro-girl Elle? Actually, trying to imagine the transformation Sylar will have to undergo to even contemplate physical intimacy is a stretch, at this point. All I’m coming up with is “Eeeeeewwwww”.

    I haven’t heard that much about the Eleventh Hour, actually, other than that I’ve got it down as a potential X-Files-void filler-upper. But the same can be said of Fringe, which I’m enjoying. But you’re right, neither show haa inspired any DUDE! moments…

  4. GeekBoy

    Oops, forgot about Elle. Can’t imagine why. Oh right — because she’s been MIA for two episodes now. Of all the established female characters, though, she is the most likely candidate. Even though Sylar murdered her father, that was probably a gift to her in the long run, and I could see these two bonding with each other in their attempt to redefine themselves as non-sadistic, non-villainous human people. They certainly both have plenty of “bad parent” stories to swap.

  5. Jill a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird

    “Dick in a Box” couldn’t be a better caption for that. I’m super happy Adam(Sark) is back though. I adore him.

    I was wondering about little Noah’s mom as well. Is the Barbara-part of the triplets the one that supposedly died to give Niki her split personality or whatever when she was younger? I can’t really remember how that all worked out. If not, maybe it’s her.

    I didn’t have a problem with Maya’s clothes so much as her coming and going from the lab like she had somewhere of her own to go. I mean she’s still an illegal immigrant right? With no money? I suppose she could have gone to Mohinder’s apartment but why would she if she was so angry with him? I can see a conversation going something like this:

    Maya: I’m going out.
    Mohinder: Where?
    Maya: I’m going to see The Dark Knight.
    Mohinder: AGAIN?

    Also, Peter should not be acting against himself. It makes the bad acting that much more pronounced.

  6. GeekBoy

    Jill, actually Niki’s sister who died was named Jessica. So I’m not sure how that fits in. I’m thinking now that Jessica perhaps wasn’t Niki’s blood sister, but a sister by adoption, since each of the triplets went to a different family? So Niki internalized her personality, but they didn’t actually look alike — which would be consistent, because I always got the impression that Jessica was older than Niki.

    Which then still leaves the mystery of who/where Barbara is, what her power is, and when she’ll come into play.

    As for Maya, good point! What the hell does she do all day???

    And amen about the Milo VS Milo scenes!

    I’ll be honest, I don’t think this show is up to snuff right now. They’ve unnecessarily over-complicated the plot lines and they’re overusing the whole future angle. But I won’t ever stop watching it, the way I might some other shows. Like LOST, I’m just too fascinated to see where it will go, even if it wanders into ridiculousness.

    And I’m actually hoping that the introduction of Mark Verheiden to the writing/producing staff in the second half of this season will improve things. He’s done great work on Battlestar Galactica and Smallville, and has penned dozens of comic books. So if the show can just keep from getting canceled for another few months, there could be good things on the way.

  7. Tara

    I agree that they’re over-complicating the show. I mean seriously, LOST is starting to make more sense to me than Heroes…

    You mention cancellation: is there any chance of that happening? They can’t DO this to me! Not again! (Still miffed about Invasion…)

    Oh, and I didn’t watch Eleventh Hour. I opted for an X-File instead (The Amazing Maleeni, season 7). Maybe I’ll download it this weekend.

  8. GeekBoy

    I haven’t actually heard any rumors about cancellation at this point. But the ratings are only so-so, and I see a lot of fans rumbling about the show’s direction. The biggest problem with the over-complicating of the plots is that it will inevitably drive away the casual viewers, and I think that has already begun. I mean, who could have hoped to get into the show for the first time based on this season? LOST has a similar issue, but I think it did a much better job of buttoning itself up last season than Heroes has done so far this season. And setting an end date for LOST was a genius move, because people are more likely to just ride it out. I’m wondering if Heroes needs to do the same thing.

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