Heroes: One of Us, One of Them

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This week, on Heroes

FULL RECAP AHEAD (don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet) …

Hiro and Ando follow Daphne the speedster to a theater in Germany, where their powers stop working, because The Haitian is there to collect the second half of the formula, which then gets stolen by Daphne, who plans to sell it to somebody, while Hiro and Ando end up in a cell at Level 5.

Confused by her new freeze powers, Tracy-Not-Niki travels to New Orleans to learn more about Niki, meets Micah, and after some super-powered computer hacking by her not-son, they discover that she and Niki were born in the same hospital at the same time, which then prompts her to visit Dr. Zimmerman in California, the doctor who birthed them, and he tells her, “I created you.”

Out in Africa, Matt learns that his new friend really is just like Isaac, powers-wise, except that his comic books are all drawn on big rocks, and that they pretty much show everything that happened in seasons 1 & 2, as well as something that didn’t, which was apparently part of an alternate future that never happened, and is instead replaced by an image of him carrying the same dead woman who was the mother of his child in the other image, and his new friend helps him step off into some kind of drug-induced, white-eyed spirit journey.

Meanwhile, Claire is all, “I’m not going to school today,” and Fake Mom is all, “Yes you are!” and Claire’s all, “Okay, I am … NOT!” and Real Mom is all, “Can I just say–” and Fake Mom is all, “SHUT UP BITCH!” and Real Mom is all, “I’ll be over here lighting some candles with my finger,” and Fake Mom is all, “Get your ass to school, Claire!” and Claire is all, “Fine, whatever,” and Real Mom meets her outside and agrees to teach her how to fight, but almost kills her instead, and she’s all, “Why do you wanna be a hero, Claire?” and Claire’s all, “To help people!” and Real Mom’s all, “(burn burn burn),” and Claire’s all, “(gasp gasp gasp),” and Claire finally admits she wants to be a hero to punish Sylar, and she’s all, “I feel cheerleader-y again!”and she and a box of paper go out on a date.

Mama Petrelli — who we now know is also Mama to Sylar (or is she?) — arranges a hilarious “mismatched buddy cop” day for HRG and Sylar, which tracks kind of closely to Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in “48 Hours” at first, but then seems to get its own thing going, as they hunt down several of the Level 5 escapees, which includes Not-Peter, and long story short, Future Peter extracts Peter from Not-Peter and they disappear, Sylar saves HRG from getting killed by the disgruntled Level 5ers, but his true colors show through in the end, when he decides to kill one of them, and I am frankly AMAZED that the writers didn’t use the now-overused Scorpion/Frog “It’s my nature!” metaphor that seems to get regurgitated once a week on some TV show or another.

Later, back at Level 5, HRG is briefly reunited with his boyfriend, The Haitian, and HRG tells him that he plans to buddy cop with Sylar — who is now back in his cell — just long enough to learn what his weakness is … then use it to kill him.

7 thoughts on “Heroes: One of Us, One of Them

  1. Tara

    The dead woman is the mother of Parkman’s child in the “Oh-Well-I-guess-it’s-Not-Going-to-Work-Out-After-All” painting? I did not pick up on that. Huh!

    No news on BlunderFly, of course…

  2. GeekBoy

    Yeah, no MohinderFly this week. And nothing of substance about Nathan. Which is fine, because there was enough going on anyway.

    Here’s the other painting for comparison. Based on the hair, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be the same woman, but I don’t know that for sure.

  3. GeekBoy

    Yeah, my wife and I said the same thing. Could definitely be Daphne.

    And haha, totally!!! She’s so much less impressive moving at normal speeds.

  4. Jill a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird

    “And she and a box of paper go out on a date.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I just have to say I am beginning to despise the really awkward, lets-not-explain-anything scenes in this show. When Tracy showed up at Niki’s funeral and Micah’s all calm and collected and I’ll-help-you-even-though-you-look-like-my-dead-mom. What? Come on! Your mom is dead, you’re standing in the funeral home by YOURSELF and you shrug off the fact that a woman that looks just like her shows up there. I do however like the fact that she could be part of a clone army.

    What do we think of the fact that the dude in Africa has the exact same powers as Isaac? Lame or did we really need that plot device back so badly that we’ll shrug it off?

    While Claire’s real (biological, bitch!) mom was saying the air must be getting thin in that container I thought, yeah so shouldn’t you be starting to hack too. I guess how powers let her get around that little science fact.

    I’m doubting the whole Mama Patrelli thing now too btw. But that whole buddy movie with Noah and Sylar was probably the best part of the episode. Especially when Sylar slipped into a southern accent and bossed the cop around.

  5. freakgirl

    Jill, re: Sylar bossing the cop around

    I thought that was very interesting. Besides being funny, it showed Sylar for what he truly is — a sad little boy who always fantasized about having power. He seems to be regressing back into Gabriel, albeit slowly. And it feels like Mama Petrelli notices it, too, and is taking advantage.

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