Heroes: The Eclipse, Part 2

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This week, on Heroes

RECAP DETAILS AHEAD (don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet) …

The eclipse ends, and everybody gets their powers back … which I don’t think really came as a surprise to anybody except the characters on the show. The Haitian “wipes” his megalomaniacal brother’s brain, with pretty much no help at all from Nathan or Peter. Mohinder beats Flint to within an inch of his life, then goes all warty again, and gives up on his plans to woo Maya. And Arthur lectures Mohinder about finding a way to deal with the “monster” inside of him.

Comic book geeks Seth Green and Breckin Meyer help Hiro remember what it means to be a hero, then using past issues of Ninth Wonder and their years of comic book know-how, they set him on the path to making things right again — go get Claire (who has weeped, then died, then come back to life) and take her 16 years into the past, to the moment on the rooftop when Hiro’s father gave Claire to Noah, presumably with the “catalyst” already in place.

Noah goes back to the house where Claire was shot, snipers Elle, then tracks Sylar and Elle down like animals, eventually cutting Sylar’s throat with a box cutter and leaving him for dead, unaware that when the eclipse ends, it will bring Sylar back to life, and that he and Elle will come to the Bennett house to threaten his family AGAIN, but this time, Hiro will save them — on his way to picking up Claire — and send Sylar and Elle to some beach, where Reformed Gabriel will get his “Bad Man” Sylar on again, and begin slicing Elle’s forehead open.

Matt Parkman — a ex-cop who should presumably have SOME ability for deductive reasoning — runs around like an idiot trying to figure out why his girlfriend’s cerebral palsy has come back, completely ignoring the most obvious reason, THAT THE MOON IS BLOTTING OUT THE SUN, until the comic book geeks explain this to him, at which point he returns to Daphne, who is saying her goodbyes to a scarecrow (it’s a metaphor, duh!).

When Matt and Daphne return to the comic book shop to find that Hiro has already left the building, the geeks answer for us the question we’ve all been asking, namely, “Where are the comic books coming from, if Isaac is dead?” by telling Matt that the current issue was the last one … but … geek legend has it that Isaac drew one more, and gave it to a courier, but it never got published.

And so the hunt begins to find that final unpublished issue and the secrets about the future it contains …

8 thoughts on “Heroes: The Eclipse, Part 2

  1. GeekBoy

    Thanks. 🙂

    I’ve had so much fun doing these that I think during the winter hiatus, I might post them all on one page, and let people vote for their favorite ones.

  2. Odette

    That would be awesome.

    Is anyone else wondering why Sylar is opening Elle’s forehead? He already has her power…

  3. GeekBoy

    Yeah, I wondered about that too. But I don’t have any good guesses. Of course, we don’t even know that he HAS opened her head yet, only that he’s started to. He may be doing it because he feels a rush of evil power again, but maybe he’ll catch himself in time?

  4. Jill a.k.a. The Nerdy Bird

    I’m really annoyed at the continuity of this show somethings. Last episode Noah aimed at Sylar as him and Elle were kissing and this episode picked up right after they had sex. How nice of him to let them both get off one more time! Then again, Hiro put them on a romantic beach together.

    But I actually enjoyed this one more than others of this season. How exactly do we think Hiro is supposed to get his memory back by bringing Claire to the past? Seems like it benefits her more than him.

  5. Tara

    Honestly, everybody is starting to seriously get on my nerves this season. How long will we have to watch the characters go over the same issues over and over again? Sylar is good. No! He’s evil. No! He’s good. No! He’s evil.

    Nathan is just a boob, I really want to smack him. “I won’t be your puppet! No! You’ve got the right idea. No! I won’t be your puppet. No! You’re right.”

    And someone needs to do something about Claire’s hair. I understand that she’s going from blonde to brown alot this season, but dudes! She looks awful (rib-spreader action notwithstanding, of course

    OK, rant over.

  6. Odette

    I was wondering about her hair! (Though it looks a little better this week.) You’d think they could write in a quick trip for Claire to get her hair cut. Part of a disguise, maybe?

    …And I guess Elle was just Sylar’s idea of ritual killing or something. Eek.

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