Tim Kring Comes Clean About Heroes

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At a screenwriting expo last weekend, Tim Kring had some things to say about what he felt has gone wrong with the writing of Heroes to date. And I tend to agree with just about all of it. Especially this …

When it comes to time travel as a plot point, Kring said, “I’d encourage everyone to avoid it. It’s a minefield that will make your mind explode. It will just drive you crazy. That’s been something we’ve tried to use with a certain amount of rules – Not being able to change the future unless you go back. That device has been one of those that’s just been so complicated for us.” He added that when it comes to time travel, “We are taking a little hiatus from that for the next 12 episodes,” referring to the next volume, “Fugitives.”

Good to hear. And I agree with him that the show would have worked better if it focused more on origins and less on the sprawling, over-complicated plot lines it’s burdened with now.

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  1. GeekBoy

    For those who felt Kring was dissing DVR users in the interview I linked to last week, he assures us that he was not …


    “It was a boneheaded attempt at being cute and making a point. Instead, it turned out to be just plain insulting and stupid. I know now how it sounded, but I truly never meant to suggest anything bad about our audience.”

    Kring went on to say that his focus now is on improving “Heroes.”

    “No one cares more about the fans than we do at ‘Heroes,’ and no one appreciates them more than me,” Kring said. “We are grateful for whatever way people are finding our show. Now more than ever.”

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