The Demon Hand

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The Connor Crew cleaned up some loose ends this week on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. First, there was the “Case of the Missing Hand” — tracking down that pesky cyborg appendage that got left behind a couple of episodes ago. Exercising her usual restraint in dealing with issues like this, Cameron blacks out the entire city in an attempt to retrieve said hand from the police evidence locker, but comes up short. Disappointed, Sarah assigns her to the “Case of the Missing Turk” — tracking down Andy’s computer, which is now in the hands of The Russian.

Sarah takes on the Missing Hand situation herself. Proving yet again that cyborgs are not the only ones who can play Make Pretend, she calls the police station acting like she’s a policeman herself, and determines that Ellison (FBI dude) must be the one who has the hand. She tracks down where he lives, searches his apartment, and also comes up short. But she does find some of her old “Sarah Goes Wild!” tapes from the 90s — one of which she makes the mistake of bringing home with her, which John of course finds, and watches, and learns that she signed away rights to him, just days before the events in Terminator 2.

Meanwhile, using these tapes as a lead, Ellison has tracked down one of Sarah’s old psychiatrists, who — after coming face to face with both an Arnold and a Morphy cyborg in the 90s — is now holed away, waiting for the Apocalypse. He drugs Ellison, wakes him up, babbles about Doomsday for a bit, Ellison gives him the hand, he babbles some more, drugs him again, then lights the place on fire. Sarah arrives before he has a chance to get away, knocks him out, takes the hand, and saves Ellison’s life. The doc ends up in the nut house, Ellison starts going to church again, and Sarah destroys the hand.

Cameron has equally good luck. She joins a dance class taught by the Russian’s sister. And this, of course, is an inside joke for those of us who know that Summer Glau used to be a ballet dancer before she injured herself and became an actress instead. Cameron gains the sister’s trust, makes contact with the Russian, learns that he sold the Turk, gets the contact info of the buyer, then coldly walks away and leaves them both to die, further establishing the contrast between her and Sarah.

Then at the very end of the episode, we get an oddly beautiful scene of Cameron dancing alone in her room, with Derek Reese watching quietly, a pained expression on his face. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same music that Derek and his buddies heard while being held prisoner by Skynet in the future. My guess is that he and Cameron — or a duplicate of “Cameron” — met during his incarceration (before he saw her at the rebel headquarters). Maybe he’s even seen her dancing before. Maybe ballet dancing is one of the ways she was trained to move in a more human-like fashion?

Next week, we get the 2-hour season finale, and I have a feeling we’ll learn a lot more about both Cameron and Reese. After that … who knows. I haven’t heard yet whether the show will be picked up for more episodes. I hope so. But where FOX is concerned, I know enough not to get my hopes up.

Reprinted from Too Much Free Time