Buffy Season 8, Issue #13

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“For the record, I’ve never worn manservant bloomers.” – Xander to Renee

Who knew Dracula was such a racist? I guess it makes sense — he didn’t exactly grow up in the most politically correct of times. Regardless, the bromance overtures between he and Xander with Renee watching on were priceless. And the casting of a tiny purple Peter Lorre in the role of Dracula’s new manservant was both bizarre and inspired.

Turns out that Dracula, while drinking rubbing alcohol in Tibet, gambled away his secret powers to some Japanese vampires while playing Chinese dominoes, all for the sake of a motorcycle. As if that premise isn’t ludicrously brilliant in and of itself, we know from Andrew’s (hilarious) scene that it was Xander himself who taught Dracula how to ride a motorbike in the first place, thus setting him up for that particular fall.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Aiko the Slayer is offing Kabuki demons, hot on the trail of the vamps who stole both Buffy’s Scythe and Drac’s powers. Unfortunately, they’re all too aware she’s following them, and without much effort, manage to lure her into a trap. The witch vampire (Kumiko) works some spell involving a red gem and the Scythe, and suddenly poor Aiko doesn’t have slayer powers any more. Then one of the vamps makes short work of her.

So apparently, in the right hands, the same Scythe that created all the slayerettes in the series finale has the power to uncreate them as well. Which is bad news for the Scoobies. But Buffy and Willow are on the way to Japan with the entire slayerette army. And thanks to Xander, they’ve got a pride-wounded and pissed off Dracula on their side now. So I’m sure the Scoobies won’t go down without a fight.

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  1. Michael

    The Dracula stuff is priceless. I love that the Scythe is the ultimate weapon, both for and against Buffy.

    PS Everyone’s a little bit racist. I learned that the same way I learned everything I know– via showtunes (see: Avenue Q).

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