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BSG – Exodus, Part 2

In this episode of Battlestar Galactica, Adama shaved off his mustache. Which can only mean one thing — that he was successful in liberating the humans from Cylon-occupied New Caprica, and that everything is back to normal … more or less. There are many losses along the way. Tigh is forced to poison his slutty wife for betraying both him and the Resistance. The Cylons are forced to give up New Caprica and whatever dreams of religious conversion they might have had. Starbuck is forced to give up her motherhood, when she finds out that Leobon has lied to her — that her “daughter” Kacey is really just a stolen child. Baby Hera is lost by the humans and is spirited away by the Cylon D’Anna. And, most notably, the Pegasus is lost in battle … but not before saving Galactica’s ass and taking out a few Cylon base ships first.

So we’re back to one battlestar, Adama in charge of the fleet, Laura Roslin back in the president’s chair, Tom Zarek (presumably) the vice president, and Baltar and the Cylons who knows where. This was a gripping and satisfying episode, beginning to end, and wraps up what was essentially a four-episode arc.

Next week, we find out what happens to “Collaborators” …

Heroes: Collision

Did anybody else utter a loud, “OHHHHH,” as they watched Heroes last night and learned that Peter’s superpower isn’t actually flying, but mimicking the superpower of whoever’s near him? Because I did. This was very clever on the part of the writers. Peter has been built up in the summer-long marketing blitz as the one who can fly. And despite decades of reading comic books, I went right along with that, and didn’t even pick up on the fact that he’d scribbled that little premonition picture when he was in the hospital after having been near Isaac. Anyway, this is going to raise all sorts of juicy possibilities down the line.

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BSG – Exodus, Part 1

With Battlestar Galactica, I sometimes wonder what exactly the criteria are for deciding whether two particular episodes should get the “Part 1” and “Part 2” tag. Because after last week’s cliffhanger ending, this episode felt kind of like the “conclusion” to that one. And yet this week’s episode, while it only just reached the point where the “Exodus” will begin, actually felt somewhat complete and satisfying to me by the final scene. It’s all just semantics, I suppose, because this show has really been just one big multi-part roller coaster ride from the first episode. Anyway, on with the recap …

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BSG – Occupation; Precipice

So Battlestar Galactica is back for Season 3 .. and how! Nothing subtle about the political undertones in these episodes, eh? For those who haven’t read a newspaper in the past three years, here’s the breakdown: New Caprica = Iraq; Cylons = U.S. “Liberation” Forces. Any guess which side the writers have made more sympathetic? Did NBC execs even bother to watch the season premiere when they made the decision to move this show to network TV? Then again, we’re talking about a show that has “fooled” the FCC for two years now by using the word “frak” liberally and pretending it doesn’t mean exactly what we all know it means. I guess it only takes a thin veneer to make the unacceptable acceptable?

Anyway, I won’t bore you with a full recap of the entire two hours. But here are the salient points …

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Heroes: One Giant Leap

In this episode of Heroes, Niki buries the bodies, but doesn’t create any new ones. And we find out that her baby daddy is something of a bad-ass … which I’m sure will figure into the plot sooner or later.

Peter seems incapable of flying again. Can he only do it as a tandem thing with his dickhead brother? And now that he’s with the ex-girlfriend of the future painter, how long before the two of them meet? Although I guess at the moment, they’d make a pretty ineffective superhero team.

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Heroes: Don't Look Back

The shining point of this week’s episode of Heroes for me was the subtle moment when Claire asked how the fireman was doing. That’s the classic “hero” moment to me. Yes, her actually saving the guy was a heroic gesture. But being willing to not take credit for it, and to care about the well-being of the person you saved — that’s storytelling gold to me. Very Spider-Man.

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Heroes: Pilot

Who caught Heroes last night on NBC? We loved it. I thought it hit just the right tone of mystery and fantasy, with some very emotionally damaged characters who just happen to have superpowers. Let’s talk about it. Right now I’m fascinated with Ali Larter’s character. Does she have an evil twin? A split personality? What is she?