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Heroes: Homecoming

In this week’s Heroes, Sylar pointed his finger at somebody’s head and starting slicing the top of their skull off!!! That was awesome. You know, in a really sick way. It was just that annoying other cheerleader anyway, so it’s hard to feel bad. This episode is what I imagine the X-Men movies would look like if John Hughes wrote them. The popular girl who accepts the freaks & geeks (& gays) becomes the homecoming queen. But the bitchy homophobic popular girl is punched in the eye and gets scalped. (Cue Simple Minds song, “Hey hey hey HEY …”)

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Heroes: Nothing to Hide

Heroes took an interesting turn and slipped away from the Sylar hunt into kind of an X-Files “freak of the week” mode this episode. Based on all the pins we saw on Suresh’s map, I wondered if/when this would happen. After all, they can’t all be heroes, right? As a mind-reader, Matt is even better suited to be Mulder than Mulder was. But if Clea Duvall isn’t going to get more than a guest-starring credit any time soon, I suspect that “Scully” won’t live long enough to build up any sexual tension between the two of them.

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Heroes: Better Halves

This week’s episode of Heroes confirmed for us that Eden is indeed working for Claire’s father. Although his surprised reaction to hearing that the “heroes” have been told to save his daughter made me think for the first time that maybe he’s not a bad guy? Is it possible that when everything shakes out, he could end up being the “Professor X” to this group of “mutant” misfits? I mean, he’s clearly deceptive and secretive … but I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s bad.

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Heroes: Hiros

One of the many things I loved about this episode of Heroes is how it just went balls up and committed to a large multi-season plot arc in the first five minutes. Essentially, what Future Hiro spells out for Peter is that what’s happening now — “Save the Cheerleader” and whatnot — is only the tip of the iceberg for all of them, plot-wise. Get past this, and it’s a whole new world.

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Heroes: Collision

Did anybody else utter a loud, “OHHHHH,” as they watched Heroes last night and learned that Peter’s superpower isn’t actually flying, but mimicking the superpower of whoever’s near him? Because I did. This was very clever on the part of the writers. Peter has been built up in the summer-long marketing blitz as the one who can fly. And despite decades of reading comic books, I went right along with that, and didn’t even pick up on the fact that he’d scribbled that little premonition picture when he was in the hospital after having been near Isaac. Anyway, this is going to raise all sorts of juicy possibilities down the line.

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Heroes: One Giant Leap

In this episode of Heroes, Niki buries the bodies, but doesn’t create any new ones. And we find out that her baby daddy is something of a bad-ass … which I’m sure will figure into the plot sooner or later.

Peter seems incapable of flying again. Can he only do it as a tandem thing with his dickhead brother? And now that he’s with the ex-girlfriend of the future painter, how long before the two of them meet? Although I guess at the moment, they’d make a pretty ineffective superhero team.

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Heroes: Don't Look Back

The shining point of this week’s episode of Heroes for me was the subtle moment when Claire asked how the fireman was doing. That’s the classic “hero” moment to me. Yes, her actually saving the guy was a heroic gesture. But being willing to not take credit for it, and to care about the well-being of the person you saved — that’s storytelling gold to me. Very Spider-Man.

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Heroes: Pilot

Who caught Heroes last night on NBC? We loved it. I thought it hit just the right tone of mystery and fantasy, with some very emotionally damaged characters who just happen to have superpowers. Let’s talk about it. Right now I’m fascinated with Ali Larter’s character. Does she have an evil twin? A split personality? What is she?