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Heroes: A Clear And Present Danger

Before I talk about this week’s return of Heroes, let’s get the results of the LOL-Heroes vote/drawing out of the way.  The winner of the drawing for the graphic novel is … “helix9”.  And for the LOL-Heroes, first place was split (at 6 votes each) between Dick In a Box and MacGruber, and third place went to Petr Is All Mad Bout Invisible Fish Hook (with 4 votes).  Many thanks to everybody who participated!

Now on with the show.  This week, on Heroes

RECAP DETAILS AHEAD (don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet) …

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Can Bryan Fuller Fix Heroes? Could Be …

This interview comes from EW.com, but it’s short, so I’m just going to reprint it in its entirety. All I can say is THANK ZOD Bryan Fuller will be involved with this show again. There’s some minor spoilery, but seriously, is that really an issue with this show at this point? Read it so that if you’re still watching this show, you’ll feel better about the prospects for 2009.

Exclusive: Bryan Fuller’s Rx for ‘Heroes’
by Michael Ausiello, EW.com

Pushing Daisies fans will probably take a hit out on me for saying this, but something good has come out of the comedy’s untimely death: It’s freed up Bryan Fuller to rescue Heroes from the villain known as “What the Frak Have They Done to a Once-Great Show?!” In his first interview since rejoining the series as a consultant, the writer-producer-genius behind such acclaimed season 1 hours as “Company Man” reveals where it all went wrong, what it’ll take to make it right, and who’s gonna have to be sacrificed before that can happen.

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Tim Kring Comes Clean About Heroes

At a screenwriting expo last weekend, Tim Kring had some things to say about what he felt has gone wrong with the writing of Heroes to date. And I tend to agree with just about all of it. Especially this …

When it comes to time travel as a plot point, Kring said, “I’d encourage everyone to avoid it. It’s a minefield that will make your mind explode. It will just drive you crazy. That’s been something we’ve tried to use with a certain amount of rules – Not being able to change the future unless you go back. That device has been one of those that’s just been so complicated for us.” He added that when it comes to time travel, “We are taking a little hiatus from that for the next 12 episodes,” referring to the next volume, “Fugitives.”

Good to hear. And I agree with him that the show would have worked better if it focused more on origins and less on the sprawling, over-complicated plot lines it’s burdened with now.